Real Life example here,

A company had a work van go bad – transmission issues. The tech’s took what they wanted from this vehicle to repair their own – door handles, air bag, radio, etc. Then the “shell” sat for 8 months.

How to Restore a Battery

When you see this sitting in the back of a commercial building, you have to investigate. The company said it’s junk and that it has been stripped. Several people had looked at it and they’d love someone to take it away for scrap. Turns out they left the heart in it. I was told it won’t even start. They had hooked up a battery charger for a full day last month, but it wouldn’t take a charge. When I asked of they had the title, I was told it was misplaced but that a new one has already been ordered from the DMV.

I came back a few days later with my charger on board. Theirs is a computerized version with polarity checks and other features. Mine charges batteries – no thinking. They ran an extension cord for me and within 15 minutes, she was cranking.

So why bother? My initial investigation found that this was a 6 liter GM engine! This was the lead technician’s vehicle. He religiously replaced the Purple Power synthetic oil every 7,000 highway miles.

Recondition Old Batteries

Nice GTO powerplant. For $300 and 30 mins, I get the engine and battery, and enough scrap to pay for my time swapping the engine. Throw the leftovers in the savings. I paid me. All the while keeping me out of trouble for a few weekends. All because I know How to Restore a Battery. Others had looked at this machine and recognized the engine. With no way to verify it runs, they walked away, and the owners lowered their income expectation.

Yay me!

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Reconditioning Batteries

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